Digimuse - Art Conservation Museum Experience


Art conservation requires impeccably sharp intuition and keen observation, causing art conservators to face a lack of leeway in making errors. The DigiMuse project aims to aid trainee conservators through the training process and understand the intricacies of the craft. Furthermore, Digimuse seeks to increase interest of museum goers by allowing them to immerse themselves into the experience of being an art conservator.


Harnessing mixed reality to combine virtual elements and create effective training tools for users to interact with and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the art processes.

Learning Objective

With immersive learning, it helps trainees to become more proficient even before performing the conservation procedures on the actual artwork and enable 100% consistency of training. Moreover, allows for greater experiential exposure as users can observe the entire conservation process through a digital overlay.

Use Cases

  • Museum Showcases
  • Training Guides

  • Experience Centers