Little Tami's Book


Weaving clouds, as part of its animation series for Little Tami’s book with Mediacorp, needed an innovative way promote their latest episodes on a magical book that allows kids to discover various occupations. Project Little Tami seeks to create a fully immersive opportunity to allow children interact with their much-loved characters of Little Tami in an exciting new way that extends beyond traditional platforms.


Leveraging augmented reality technologies to combine virtual and real world simultaneously and create engaging elements for children to interact with and bring a new meaning and depth to the characters that they already know and love.

Learning Objective

With immersive learning, it helps trainees to become more proficient even before performing the conservation procedures on the actual artwork and enable 100% consistency of training. Moreover, allows for greater experiential exposure as users can observe the entire conservation process through a digital overlay.

Use Cases

  • Enhanced Experiential Content
  • Kinesthetic Learning

  • Rich User Experience