SGH - Trauma Resuscitation


Trauma Resuscitation involves systematic methods and experience to achieve optimal results as trauma survival rate critically depends on time. During a nurse’s course of work, multiple obstacles inhibit them from upgrading their skillset and knowledge. Since training is conducted by different instructors with varying skillsets and experience, and due to the crash course nature of training, nurses might face a steep learning curve challenge. This project aims to develop a solution to ensure availability and consistency of Training.


Employing mixed reality technology to combine virtual elements and create an extremely realistic simulation to test their response and increase training impact and effectiveness.

Learning Objective

With immersive learning, it prepares nurses for critical situations without putting patients or themselves in danger, this allows them to become more confident and proficient before performing the actual procedure. Furthermore, actions recorded can be used for training data analytics and insights.

Use Cases

  • Safety Procedures Familiarization
  • Training Simulation

  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Digital Twins