The next stepping stone in practical training innovation, HoloGuides combines cutting-edge technology with proven training methodologies into immersive mixed reality lesson plans. Training of new employees can be very heavy on company resources; having to attach senior manpower, invest in training equipment and craft out training content and assessment material. Such conventional training methodologies require huge investments of time, resources and labor, with no guarantee that there will be successful transfer of learning.

Kinesthetic, Self-Directed Training

HoloGuides facilitates effective training and learning through kinesthetic learning, where users can engage in their own self-directed exploration and learn better by physically performing the tasks through the manipulation of interactive holograms. The training application is fully contained within the HoloLens 2, allowing the user to be able to learn from anywhere, even without the need of the training equipment. Companies will be able to use HoloGuides to conveniently and efficiently onboard their new employees, while saving on various training costs otherwise incurred through conventional means.

High Fidelity Experiential Learning

With highly realistic art assets and models that resemble the actual equipment/training objects, users are able to fully interact with the various tools and items as if they were actually performing the physical tasks. Models come with animations that illustrate each step and procedure clearly and as realistically as possible, allowing for modules of the highest fidelity to the actual procedures modelled after.

Data Analytics, Progress Tracking

Track users' performance and progress using a range of data analytics from time taken for each module to more in-depth functions like eye-tracking and heat-maps to analyse the users' gaze and attention during the training process. Data can be used to further improve the training process through feedback and improvements for end-users.