360 Content Creation

360° Services

Together with the rise of Virtual Reality, innovations in content creation has allowed us to engage and interact with content in new ways. 360-degree content allow audiences to engage in an immersive user experience by transporting them to any real-world location imaginable. This will allow you greater possibilities to present your content and media.

Educational Courses

Learn all about and how to create simple immersive 360° experiences - from Different use cases & acquiring hardware to shooting & uploading your own 360° content. You will get your hands-on with devices such as the "Insta360One-X" & "Xiaomi Sphere". You will familiarize yourself with consumer level 360° hardware, software, and understand the workflow for 360° content creation. Be able to add value to your company or simply improve your 360° content knowledge and skills. Check out our available courses on our HoloAcademy page here.

360° Solutions

While traditional photography is limited to capturing approximately 90-degree of content, 360-degree photography allows us to be able to capture entire environments, landscapes, rooms all within one snap. This enables us to transport users anywhere we want, creating immersive and interactive media for audiences. One very popular example of a 360° photography application would be Google Street View, where users can explore different places around the world, all from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Many businesses have begun using 360° photography to create immersive experiences of their properties, spaces and products for their customers and clients. Breaking the barriers of limitations such as distance and time. Our team specialises in creating 360° experiences and walkthroughs of various environments and spaces. Such experiences can be used in a variety of applications such as virtual stores, tours, walkthroughs etc. They can be deployed on almost any platform such as Virtual Reality, Google Cardboard, HoloLens or even on traditional media; such as online and Mobile.

Our Process Flow

Every use-case requires a different solution, and we are fully committed to providing a custom-made application that best serves your needs. We understand that you may not have a very concrete idea of what you may be looking for, hence the working process will be a collaborative and iterative, with the allowance of multiple changes throughout the project phrase. This dynamic workflow will allow your imagined ideas to be brought to life in the form of a fully polished and comprehensive end product.

  • Scoping of Project
  • Storyboarding
  • On-site Production
  • Development
  • Deployment

Every project will begin with understanding your context and use-cases. We will explore various possibilities so that we can best fit your requirements and advise you on the best solution to approach your project.

The storyboarding process will encompass everything from the flow of the application to the creative elements involved. Everything will be discussed from art assets, to animations, user interface & experience, and even mood boards. This will allow for a coherent design that is not only functional, but aesthetically appealing as well.

We pride ourselves in using our 360 Photographers to provide on-site production to shoot and process professional 360 content for you. We ensure the best quality possible by using our enterprise 360 devices which help provide much higher resolution and depth than typical 360 devices.

There will weekly sprints conducted to ensure that the development of the application adheres to your requirements and timeline. Constant updates will be given regarding the state of the application to gather feedback and make the iterative changes accordingly. This process will be a very open and collaborative process to ensure that the application hits all of your expectations.

Upon completion of the application, we will fully support the integration of your application anywhere. We will help to deploy your application and equipment and ensure that everything is functional and smooth. A Service Level Agreement can be drafted to provide maintenance and tech support around the clock, where we can answer queries, handle any debugging required, and make minor changes whenever necessary. Ultimately, we want to ensure that you have a streamlined experience of your application without having to worry about troubleshooting or setbacks.