As businesses scramble to digitalize in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, HelloHolo observes greater interest from organizations eager to harness the potential of immersive technologies for remote communication, operator training, and frontline support.  

SINGAPORE -- Dec 7 to 11, 2020. HelloHolo, a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, virtually exhibited a medley of mixed reality applications, industry prototypes, and 3D brand experiences at the Singapore Fintech Festival and the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology 2020 (SFF x SWITCH). Delivered in a unique hybrid format, the 24-hour round-the-clock event attracted 3.5 million views1 over the course of five days; successfully turning widespread pandemic disruption into a global opportunity, with an impressive lineup of 2,000 speakers, 1,300 exhibitors, 27 international pavilions, and 45 satellite events2 


HelloHolo's virtual booth showcased mixed reality solutions powered by HoloLens 2, the projects developed in-house for healthcare, automobile, and electronics training use cases. Overlaying digital content onto physical objects allows users to operate with real-world context while interacting with virtual cues. For complex tasks with complex models and hundred-page manuals3, a properly implemented holographic training guide is orders of magnitude more effective for learners.  

With HoloLens 2 and mixed reality,    

- 90% of touch labor saved, from 8 hours to 45 minutes, from hands-free operations; 0 errors on the shop floor over 2+ years due to clear holographic instruction overlay at Lockheed Martin4  

- 50% higher retention test scores, and 40% less class time for anatomy students in the HoloLens Lab compared to traditional cadaver lab at Case Western Reserve University5 

- 200+ surgical operations conducted including cerebrovascular bypass procedures at Medivis6  


HelloHolo is one of the few technology companies in Southeast Asia that offer end-to-end services, from application layer design and development; to cloud and systems integration; and server and infrastructure management. Advancing the digital reality ecosystem, for HelloHolo, requires a tripartite approach  device acquisition and rental; application development services; and strong education programs, including partnerships with local polytechnic and universities, and IMDA CITREP+ endorsed Mixed Reality Developer Course.  

Kee Cheng Heng, Managing Director of HelloHolo, says, “Usually, when clients approach us, they are unsure as to how immersive technologies can be effectively used to achieve business objectives. We believe that by sharing our knowledge, expertise, and industry case studies, clients will be equipped to make the best decision for their organization. This is how we have successfully engaged with more than a hundred clients across Asia-Pacific over the last 4 years. This year, HelloHolo was officially recognized as a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner.