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Mixed Reality Developer Course


IMDA CITREP+ funding available for eligible trainees! For more information, please visit IMDA CITREP+.

HelloHolo’s Mixed Reality Developer Course teaches you to write your first line of code in C# and create holograms as you step into the world of Mixed Reality. Our course will give you hands-on experience using cutting edge hardware (Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets) and learn how to utilize them in a range of industries effectively.

With knowledge about this emerging technology, you will be able to drive transformational change within your industry verticals. You will be able to spearhead innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Go beyond the standard school curriculum and learn from industry experts to apply them projects.

Course Duration

  • 4 Face-to-Face Workshops
  • 4 Hours each
  • 5 Hour Additional Coursework

Course Syllabus

  • ✓ Introduction to Unity
  • ✓ C# With Unity
  • ✓ Vuforia
  • ✓ Gaze, Gesture and Voice
  • ✓ Spatial Mapping

Applications Development

Learn how to plan, structure and develop immersive applications for the Microsoft HoloLens using Unity and C# programming.

User Interface Design

Learn the capabilities and constraints of Mixed Reality platforms and to design appropriate applications, interfaces and interactions to achieve user objectives with the Microsoft HoloLens.

Emerging Technology Synthesis

Learn to evaluate and apply the value of immersive application by understanding how the capabilites of Mixed Reality platforms can be used to address business processes with specific 3D, spatial or handsfree needs.

Upcoming Courses

We're building a Mixed Reality future

We are expanding our services in order to better enrich the local community with immersive media technology.
Get started today with our Mixed Reality Developer Course!

Consecutive Lessons

1) 6, 7, 15, & 17 Jul, 2:30pm
2) 13, 19, 25, 26 Jul 9:00am
3) 13, 14 Jul 9:30am, 13, 14 Jul 2:30pm
4) 16, 17 Jul 9:30am, 16, 17 Jul 2:30pm
5) 18, 19, 25, 26 Jul 9:00am
6) 20, 21, 22 & 23 Jul 9:30am
7) 20, 21, 22 & 23 Jul 6:30pm
8) 27, 28 Jul 9:30am, 27, 28 Jul 2:30pm
9) 30, 31 Jul 9:30am, 30, 31 Jul 2:30pm

Weekly Lessons

No Weekly Lessons Available
Registrations for our courses have closed.
Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Rong Kang
Technical Lead

Cheng Heng
Sales Lead

Why Us?

The HelloHolo Team

Our Mission: Enrich the local Singaporean community with mixed reality technologies and help developers and companies build the next generation of apps and experiences.

The HelloHolo Pioneer Tenets:

  • Up-to-Date and Skilled
  • Quick and Insightful
  • Passionate and Helpful
  • Professional yet Personal

Case Studies Highlight

Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Experiences
Architecture | Construction | Engineering | Manufacturing | Marketing | Medical | Military

Dive into the next generation of immersive experiences with us. Find out more about our HoloLens use cases and explore the limitless potential of Mixed Reality.


Game-changing retail experiences for customers and stakeholders


Revitalising classics and reinventing the way you play


Broadening perspectives to enhance operational efficiency


Enabling next generation experiences using holographic storytelling


Transforming art appreciation through an immersive museum exhibit


State-of-the-art medical training via digital twins

Services & Pricing

Access to HoloLens for Every Need

We've designed a few packages specifically to help you make the most of Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality technology.
Don't see something that fits what you need? Drop us an email and we'll help you out.

Device Rentals

S$375and up per Day

Rent a hardware device to develop and test your apps. You can tap on our expertise to deploy your experience and get it up and running.

Potential Usecases
  • ✓ High Stakes Pitch
  • ✓ Event Experience
  • ✓ Booth Showcase

Available Devices
  • - Microsoft HoloLens 1
  • - Magic Leap One
  • - Azure Kinect
  • - Samsung Odyssey +
  • - Other Window Mixed Reality Devices (VR)

Device Acquisitions

S$Get a Quotevaries with your needs

Like it a lot?

Acquire devices best suited to your needs in Singapore with less risk.

You can avoid the hassle and leave all the logistical concerns to us.

Reach out to us for the latest devices such as :

  • - Microsoft HoloLens 2
  • - Microsoft HoloLens 1
  • - Magic Leap One
  • - Azure Kinect
  • - WMR devices
  • - VR headsets

Bespoke Solutions

S$8,000and up

You will work closely with our dedicated departments to construct a storyboard and develop the application specifically catered for your business needs. You will be able to gain insights on how Immersive Media can be integrated into your industry.
  • Single Use POCs $8,000 and up
  • App Deployment $20,000 and up
  • Organization Wide Implementations $120,000 and up
  • In-House Technical and Creative
  • Multiplayer Enabled Applications
  • Connected Experiences between Devices and Cloud

Our Clientele

Early Adopters of Mixed Reality

Contact Us

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