Case Studies

Augmented Reality

Little Tami's Book

As part of its animation series for Little Tami’s book with Mediacorp and Weaving Clouds. Project Little Tami seeks to create a fully immersive opportunity to allow children interact with their much-loved characters of Little Tami in an exciting new way that extends beyond traditional platforms.

Mixed Reality

Singapore General Hospital - Trauma Resuscitation

Trauma Resuscitation involves systematic methods and experience to achieve optimal results as trauma survival rate critically depends on time. During a nurse’s course of work, multiple obstacles inhibit them from upgrading their skillset and knowledge.

Mixed Reality

Digimuse - Project Insight

Art conservation requires impeccably sharp intuition and keen observation, causing art conservators to face a lack of leeway in making errors. The DigiMuse project aims to aid trainee conservators through the training process and understand the intricacies of the craft.